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Falana had on Thursday at a news conference in Abuja described Yerima as a “Lagos man.” “The man who gave quit notice (to Igbo living in the North) does not live in the North. “The Shettima Falana knows in Lagos is not the same person in the North. “And, when did it become a crime that a northerner cannot issue a statement in the North though he stays in Lagos? Shouldn’t Falana be castigating the man who said he hates Nigerians and doesn’t want his people to remain a part of Nigeria? Despite his level of intelligence he hasn’t won an election in his state. So, to live in Lagos and be giving quit notice is not the answer,” he had said.Is there a law that says being a Nigerian I cannot do so?

I will try to get to the few remaining countries of Asia that I have not yet visited.'They provide all the logistical support we need to ensure our missions are a great success.The clinical work is combined with Christian ministry with a view to providing vision both physical and spiritual.'Squire was credited with the invention of a portable solar powered frame and lens cutting machine to enable people to make prescription glasses in remote regions.My newest book, The Inevitable, reached the New York Times bestseller list in 2016. This book is about the deep trends over the next 20 years that will shape your life.I suggest we embrace these changes, including ubiquitous tracking, accessible artificial intelligence, constant sharing, getting paid to watch ads, VR in your home, etc.

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